Creating ripples of change

At Ripple-A we create a ripple to start a wave. A wave that tackles social and environmental problems, local problems with global impact. Ripple-A approaches problems positively. We try and understand the problem before we start thinking of a solution. We come up with a solution that has a big positive impact, leaving a small footprint.

Social enterprise

Ripple-A transforms social problems into value-creating opportunities. We identify, initiate, and implement new business models to solve social or environmental problems. We advise and partner with other social ventures to develop their well-intended ideas into concrete opportunities. We seek new ways of cooperation to make these opportunities success. We provide access to finance to realise new business models and penetrate new markets.

Urban Economy and Waste, Social Enterprise Support, and Talent Utilisation

At Ripple-A we focus on Urban Economy and Waste, Social Enterprise Support, and Talent Utilisation.

Rapid global urbanisation puts an enormous pressure on waste processing and renewable energy demand. As one of the co-founders of Plantbased Raw Materials International, Ripple-A is involved in creating a business model for turning organic waste streams into raw materials for the paper, packaging, and plastics industries in South Africa. Ripple-A also initiated the development of a business case for the renovation of a local school building into an eco-school.

Social start-ups, and social ventures in general, are rarely short of commitment and drive. Ripple-A makes them achieve their mission by complementing this drive in areas where their knowledge and experience falls short. Ripple-A coaches social ventures, helps them reflect on their path to eradicate the problems they have identified, and gains access to grant financing and seed capital. We have brought a Dutch start-up to India that wants to introduce a personal hygiene product to base-of-pyramid clients, and are working with a foundation that has designed a dignified housing solution for people living in squatter camps.

Developing a top team is a prerequisite for a start-up to scale and grow. Ripple-A has joined forces with and offers start-ups a complete HR infrastructure that eases the process to recruit the right talent and keep them agile.

See our News section for the latest developments on these and other activities.

Creating ripples together

No matter where we work or what we do, all our projects have one common denominator. They start with our drive to turn around and solve a social problem. And we rarely work on our own. We would love to hear from you which social problems you are keen to change around. Do share with us your ideas, plans, ideals, even the obstacles that prevent you from solving the problem. Let’s explore the possibilities and discuss how we can create those ripples together. We can’t wait to be on your team. So don’t hesitate and drop us a line, we never say no to a good cup of coffee.

Our Services

Planet earth is blue

Together, we have started approaching things differently. The UN and its members have embraced 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The Paris Climate Agreement paved the way to accelerating the reduction of CO2 emissions across the globe. And the blue economy movement encourages us to respond to sustainability challenges not by pouring in money but by bringing competitive products and services to the market.

So top-down the context we operate in is changing, slowly… As a true blue economy adapt, Ripple-A provides you bottom-up practical support with a range of services to accelerate your business ideas.

At Ripple-A we have organised our services in six steps.

  • What is the problem, exactly?

    This is when we create our first ripple. At Ripple-A, a sound problem analysis will always be our point of departure. We try and fully understand the problem we are trying to solve. Product development is a waste of time if we are not convinced the product will contribute to solving the problem.

    Identifying a societal or environmental problem is easy, but understanding it is a different ballgame. Ripple-A helps you ask the right questions to comprehend the problem and get into ideation mode.

  • How do we solve the problem?

    There is no shortage of ideas and oppportunities, as long as you are open to observe them. Governments, companies, non-profit organisations, and local communities are committed to solving problems that hamper them and their stakeholders. Ripple-A can lead the process of ideation: transforming these problems into genuine business opportunities. Together, we develop product market fits that are innovative and yield a positive financial and social return on investments.

  • Will it work?

    With well-established methods of the new and old economy Ripple-A validates your business model. We are at ease with the lean startup  and  lean canvassing and don’t shy away either from the more traditional market research, cost-benefit analyses, and feasibility studies. Together we decide which method suits you best. Our goal would be to put sense into your business model, be bold yet realistic, and to strike a fine balance between profitability and positive impact.

  • Action!

    This is the essence of Ripple-A, this is where we really start to create ripples of change.

    Turning your theory of change into reality, you can rely on Ripple-A as an extra pair of hands, eyes or brains. We are glad to take on a role as advisor, inspirator, manager, investor, or technical assistance support.

  • A new way of thinking

    Implementing social ventures in any shape or form will require a new way of thinking. City governments, companies, and professionals will have to adapt. Ripple-A supports this process by:

    • Team building sessions
    • Project development
    • Project management
    • Gaining access to finance
    • Training and coaching
  • To grow and scale-up

    As a social enterprise you want to maximise your global impact. Ripple-A supports you in your strategic choices to grow, scale, and replicate your business model into other markets. We make use of our broad network and personal working experience in countries across the globe.

Are we on the same frequency?

Your organisation may well be deciding on further increasing its social and economic impact. You´re developing plans to conquer a new market turning waste into raw materials. Or maybe you simply have a brilliant idea and are looking for support to make it happen. No matter the stage of development, we look forward to discuss the possibilities to cooperate.

About us

Creating ripples to make a wave

Ripple-A is more than a one-man-band. We cooperate with other social entrepreneurs, innovative engineers, and passionate idealists. Together we try and create a movement, organising ourselves based on the circumstances we find ourselves in.

Social activist

I am Richard Liebrechts and I established Ripple-A as a vehicle to achieve my intrinsic mission: contributing to economic and social prosperity. Over the past 20 years I have consulted city-, regional and national governments across the globe on improving their investment climate, supporting development of emerging industries, and attracting (foreign) direct investment. With Ripple-A I apply my high-level understanding of how industries, markets, finance, and governments work to grow the social ventures I am involved in into successful social entreprises.

Circular economy

We cannot ignore our ecological footprint and the impact this has on the planet and all creatures that live on it. I am committed to minimise my personal footprint and support clients in doing the same. Taking this approach provides a wide window to new opportunities; producing raw materials from waste, turning costs into a source of revenue. Together with other social entrepreneurs, engineers, and financial service providers I create new opportunities for economy and ecology, for planet and profit. I prefer working in a team with multi-disciplinary backgrounds to turn these opportunities into reality.

Enthusiastic and curious traveller of the world

Over the past 20 years I have been working as a consultant, policy researcher, team leader, and project manager across the globe. I designed programmes to support the development of emerging industries and attract foreign capital. As managing director of a UK-based consultancy I built up a strong network among cities, regions, and national governments. I use this experience and international network to the benefit of Ripple-A. But I remain the enthusiastic and intellectually curious traveller I was when I started my career. Full of ideas and drive, and fuelled by the energy and inspiration of others.


Share your thoughts

We are always open to meet new people and new ideas. Give us a call or drop us a line, share your thoughts with us over a coffee or simply by filling out the form below. And let’s see what happens!

Richard Liebrechts

Visiting address: Livingstonelaan 54, Gouda

+31 (0)6 12969241

You can also contact us via this contact form.

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